The following photos depict both the Data Storage Equipment (DSE) used aboard the Command Module (CM) and the Data Storage Electronics Assembly (DSEA) that was used aboard the Lunar Module (LM) during the Apollo program.


DSE_5 is a cutaway drawing showing the relative position of the DSE positioned in the lower equipment bay of the CM.

NASA Photo S66-22991 and NASA Photo S66-22994 are exterior shots of the DSE. Both NASA Photo S66-22993 and NASA Photo S66-22992 reveal the inside of the DSE unit showing one of the two eight-inch reels that would spool through the 14-track read-write heads of the 2,250-feet of one-inch Mylar magnetic tape. The unit can record over four hours of voice and data.

Copied excerpts containing detailed technical specifications of the DSE can be found in the following:

Command/Service Module Systems Handbook CSM 114, August 23, 1972, MSC-07274

Apollo Operations Handbook Block II Spacecraft, Volume I Spacecraft Description, SM2A-03-Block II-(1), October 15, 1970, Section 2 "Systems Data"


NASA Photo S73-37044 and NASA Photo S73-37046 are exterior shots of the DSEA. NASA Photo S73-37045 shows the DSEA with cover removed revealing the interior electronics and tape cartridge. NASA Photo S73-37047 shows the individual components along with a close-up of the tape cartridge loader tool.

NASA Photo S70-30949 shows the DSEA mounted inside the LM behind the commander’s position. NASA Photo S72-35105, S72-35124, and S72-35134 show the DSEA inside LM-11 (Apollo 16’s LM "Orion"). These photos were taken by Grumman as part of the LM closeout sequence documentation.

A more detailed report on the malfunctioning Apollo 11 DSEA can be found in the Grumman Flight Performance Evaluation Report on the Apollo 11 DSEA Malfunction, Flight Anomaly #2 (360-05-10)

Copied excerpts containing detailed technical specifications of the DSEA can be found in the following:

Apollo Operations Handbook Lunar Module LM10 and Subsequent Volume 1 Subsystems Data, NAS 9-1100, Grumman Publication LMA790-3-LM10, April 1, 1971

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